We support you in the establishment of foreign companies or representative offices in Serbia and/or in Switzerland (drafting documents, registration, search for suitable office or production space, search and preliminary investigation of capable personnel, etc.).

Occasionally companies need to rethink and redefine their structures and processes with the aim to improve the efficiency and to increase competitiveness. We provide helpful support during these structural and process changes with our long-standing experience.

It happens that a basically healthy society runs into trouble for various reasons. We help you to find out the problems, change them side by side with you into challenges and support you actively during stabilization.

Who should carry on the family business? The own family is not interested, the children and nephews are still too young or there is a different view on continuation of the family business within the older and the younger generation. Either we find the appropriate person in your own ranks or we are looking for the right person on the market.


Choosing the right business decisions is already difficult, to choose the right decision on strategic issues is even more difficult as the choice often determines the survival of a company. Therefore an independent analyses is of central importance. For many years, we have been making such analyses with our partners – and we are proud that the existence of some companies could be saved thanks to our work.

The correct assessment of the costs, the constant review of these costs as well as their optimization are of the utmost importance for the real budget and thus for all the planned activities. We are happy to create the necessary analyses for you and help you to optimize your costs.


The tendency of the international community is going increasingly in handing over state responsibilities to economic operators and thus to the individual companies. This applies in particular for the care with whom to make which kind of transactions. In this area constantly new laws are passed. We help you in the jungle of the statutory due diligence but also in examining the appropriate business partners, so that you can concentrate on your core business – to conduct business profitably.